Thursday Thirst: 7-13-2017

Thursday Thirst: 7-13-2017

So here we are, my first ever Thursday Thirst! For more information on how these posts will go, click here!

We are right in the middle of summer in Colorado and it has been hot. But that means the garden is really ramping up (I swear the pepper plants have doubled in size over the past week) and I can’t wait for produce soon. The first tomato (an heirloom black krim) is huge and so close to ready!

Also today is national fry day so set that oven to 450 degrees F, cut those potatoes, soak them while the oven gets to temperature, drain, pat dry, coat in oil and seasoning, and bake for around 45 minutes. So easy, yay healthier fries!


This week one of my favorite breweries – Powder Keg Brewing Companycrowlered some of their Intergalatic, a double IPA, and 2nd Avenue Standard, a hoppy table beer (low abv drink all day deliciousness), and I could not be more excited. So what is a crowler? A crowler is a 32 ounce can of beer filled and sealed at the brewery. This technology was invented as a collaboration with Oskar Blues Brewery and Ball Corporation (yup the one that makes canning jars – an apparently lots of other storage containers too, who knew!). It allows you to receive beer fresh and keep it fresh for a longer period of time then growlers. This is perfect for people to take out beers that are tap room only and not bottled by breweries and still enjoy them reasonably fresh. Many breweries in Colorado and all over the United States now use this system. I am a fan because it allows me to take beers from local breweries home and enjoy them on my porch, with dinner, or share with more friends!

Powder Keg brews amazing beer and they deserve more recognition and more people drinking their on tap offerings. If you are ever near Niwot, Colorado (right north of Boulder) you should stop in! Plus Niwot is a cute, one lane street town.Powder Keg Brewing Company now does crowlers of their beer.

Also this week I decided to try making my own kombucha. This of course means I first need a scoby. I am trying the scoby from a bottle method. I will do a blog post once I can actually start making the kombucha, assuming this works. I can’t decide what dispenser or method to use. I am thinking continuous and looking into getting this dispenser and these bottles. Anyone have one they really like?


I want to redo the half bathroom and am totally crushing on this redo. Now to find a suitable old vanity and figure out if I really want to shiplap all 6 corners the bathroom has…hmmm.

Or maybe a vanity like this old set of drawers? Umm yes!

Any low flow toilet recommendations?

I have meant to make a pot like this for a while now and finally did this week. I love it and plan to make a few more. (I ended up doing a post about it here)

Hot and sour noodles are sounding amazing right about now.


The big news lately in the food world has been, is coconut oil bad for you? As someone with a science background claims like this frustrate me. It is the media taking a scientific paper and warping it to sound more flashy and interest catching to the main stream. Here is a link to the actual abstract of the paper. I am no expert but here is what I get from this (if I am wrong or you disagree, let me know):

  1. Saturated fats tend to raise HDL and LDL;
  2. Raising LDL cholesterol has been shown to increase risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD);
  3. From the abstract, “we conclude strongly that lowering intake of saturated fat and replacing it with unsaturated fats, especially polyunsaturated fats, will lower the incidence of CVD”;
  4. Coconut oil is very high in saturated fats and has shown to increase LDL levels in subjects.

QED – if you replace unsaturated fats like olive oil and other vegetable and seed oils with those high in saturated fats like coconut oil it can increase your risk of heart disease. This is dietary advice from the American Heart Association. This doesn’t mean don’t eat coconut oil. It means don’t use it as a complete oil replacement that is all! Treat it like sugar and have it ever so often but not in large amounts everyday.

You can still make vegan cookies like these every once in a while but don’t think you are being healthier for it. Now we will be challenged to find a way to make these other oils work!

There is so much reading related to diet and food out there I find myself down the rabbit hole all the time.


As a huge Zelda fan/nerd I have been all over this the last couple weeks. Why couldn’t I have had the korok mask for the 100+ hours I have already played 😭.

I discovered last week that has Fushigi Yūgi (Yuugi). I am in general of a fan of “sucked into another time/world/dimension/game” manga and anime. This is supposed to be the one to really started it all. But it has so many episodes…to watch or not to watch? Maybe I should read the manga instead?


Do I need to come up with and ending tag line?
– Joan

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