Thursday Thirst: 11-23-2017

Thursday Thirst: 11-23-2017

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US! Where has the time gone? When did it become the end of November?


Back on November 4th, Mr. Physics and I drove out to Glenwood Springs (which I should really do a travel post about considering how often we go!) to visit Casey Brewing and Blending for their Jammy release. Mr. Physics has been wanting to do some beer reviews so we thought these posts were the perfect time for him to do that. He will take over from here:

“Jammy is a farmhouse ale with blackberries brewed in collaboration with Side Project. Distinguishing it from traditional Casey beers is the addition of Side Project cultures in the beer during fermentation, which provide the beer with a unique profile designed to reflect the classic Side Project flavor profile. This produces a richer base beer with sharper acidity and greater wine-like qualities than a traditional Casey saison. The beer is then re-fermented in stainless steel tanks with an exorbitant amount of local Colorado blackberries. The end result is a complex, layered, and decadent American wild ale showcasing the best of each brewery while enhancing the blackberry’s sweet and vinous character. Think blackberry jam, sweet-tarts, and sourdough bread in the best possible way.Casey Brewing and Blending Jammy

The second beer I have been really excited about recently is Powder Keg Brewing Company’s Fruitful Reserve.

Powder Keg is a small brewery located in quaint Niwot (midway between Boulder and Longmont). Despite it’s relative innocuousness, Powder Keg releases beers that battle with the best of them. The small team, led by head brewer Philip Joyce, has released a handful of my favorite beers of the past few years. From the juicy Palisade Reunion to the intensely tropical Keyboard Warrior IPA and the oaky, champagne-inspired Premiere Blanc, Powder Keg has quietly released gems of the same caliber as distinguished producers such as Casey Brewing or more recently-acclaimed purveyors such as Black Project Spontaneous Ales. For 2017, the brewery decided to create a membership, limited to 100 fortunate beer drinkers. In addition to extended purchasing abilities and taproom perks, members are provided with two bottles apiece of four special release beers during the year. Fruitful Reserve is the second such membership release. To produce this beer, they took their annually-released Fruitful Union, a saison aged with second-use peaches and raspberries, and re-fermented it in Portugese Sauvignon Blanc barrels with a huge addition of boysenberries. The resulting beer showcases every element of the lengthy and complex multiple fermentation process. Subtle stone fruit characters from the base beer and peaches meld with tart raspberries to produce the traditional components of the Fruitful Union. The “Reserve” builds atop this core profile with a complement of added oak, lime, and peach character from the Sauvignon Blanc barrels. The deeply purple body and ruby red head let you know that the boysenberries do not take a back seat. This unique berry contributes a sweet, jammy character with moderate tannins and minimal acidity. It’s a complex, satisfying, and truly unique beer experience.”Powder Keg Brewing Company Fruitful Reserve


We aren’t cooking for this Thanksgiving but I already have a meal I want to do, whenever it is I do cook. Here were what inspired me this year:

Screw turkey, let’s go cornish game hens! And since I am obsessed with my apricot jam lately, maybe a glaze like with these?

That being said this year we are experimenting with spatchcocking the turkey and I am excited to see how it turns out! I might have to take a picture and upload it here post thanksgiving.

Cornbread is still a must and I love my recipe. We make that every year no matter where we are. We already made it last night to prepare for dinner today. Maybe top with some apricot jalapeño jam? Yes!Cornbread for Thanksgiving

Brussels sprouts with balsamic, maple, and bacon, done. I have a recipe for this but never posted it! It is brussel sprouts season. We actually decided to make this tonight and I am super excited for brussel sprouts with turkey.

Also rather than butternut squash and sweet potatoes with marshmallows, this roasted butternut squash from The Splendid Table sounds really tasty.


My friend works for UBiome which is studying the microbiome of your gut (so cool!) and she linked me this article a week or so ago. Yes and yes! When I went on the FODMAP diet last year. You can see my discussion and recipes I created during this period here, here, here, and here. As this article suggests that diet did make me feel better! Most people do not actually have a gluten allergy and just cutting gluten doesn’t help them. They need to cut out fermentables as well to see if that is the issue. I always got frustrated with doctors because they would suggest cutting dairy or gluten saying that it would fix any discomfort I was having. But I know I am not lactose or gluten intolerant. Cutting out items like garlic, onion, or other vegetables that you don’t think might cause you a problem did help. In the long run I didn’t do it correct and wasn’t able to pin down exactly what caused me problems but I have been feeling a lot better lately and am running with it. I might go back on the FODMAP diet for a period of time next year to do it better this time and really figure out my culprits. Either way pretty exciting to see this talked about.

If you are having issues with your gut and cutting gluten isn’t fulling solving it, I seriously suggest that you read that article and try the FODMAP diet. It has science behind it and could really help! If you do decide check out and need more information my first post about it. I talk about the background, some science, and what I decided to do.

Amusement  – *there might be some spoilers in my reviews below (though I try not to have any major ones) so read at your own risk!*

Super Mario Odyssey just came out for the Switch and it is so much fun! I have already beaten the game but LOL moons to go. This might be one of those Zelda Breath of the Wild moments where I wonder how many koroks I really need to find…at least getting all the moons actually seems plausible and fun. Review:

  1. Decently quick main story that is somewhat repetitious. I mean what did I expect I guess, it is Mario, but I did feel like there were parts where I thought “oh wow again…” when they could have had a whole new boss or plot point.
  2. That being said each of the worlds is very unique with different elements that make them fun to explore.
  3. As I said above SO MANY MOONS. I like this part of it as a completionist, though I am sure after many more hours of play it will drive me nuts. I want to *catch them all* which means that this game will keep me engaged for a while to come even though I have already “beaten” it.
  4. Be prepared to fall down, fall in, fall off, burn, drown …”die” a lot. I mean it happens to the point in some places where I know I screamed once or twice and honestly wanted to throw the controller across the room (I use a pro controller for most of my game play). Sometimes I said screw it I will come back to that moon later, sometimes I persevered and got the moon or purple coins after dying my 8th time (looking at you speed flower through ice water course in the Snow Kindom…).
  5. So many fun easter eggs in this!

Final verdict: If you are a Nintendo fan in general (even if you aren’t a Mario fan), get it. You won’t regret it. It is a very playable game that is also fast enough, if you don’t go for all the moons in each world initially, to not seem boring or intimidating. It is 5 stars with 667 reviews on Amazon, if that convinces you. I still plan to try and 100% this thing.

Also this.

My other more recent game acquisition has been Stardew Valley (I play on the Nintendo Switch though it also works on the computer, PS4, and XBOX One) and there goes all my free time I should be spending on ANYTHING else (even on Mario for that matter). I mean I loved the Harvest Moon games so I guess it was no surprise that I love this one.


  1. You get a farm that was your grandfathers and get to fix it up. There are 5 different farm map layouts that you can choose from. Each specializes in different parts of the game: farming/raising animals, foraging, mining, fishing, and combat. This means you can restart a game and actually play on a completely new farm which is pretty cool. I already have two saved games on different layouts. I think I actually like the Forest Farm better for my play style than the standard one.
  2. There are 4 seasons that each last 28 days. In those seasons you have different crops, fish, foraged material, and weather. This makes you plan ahead and keeps the game interesting because there are different things to focus on in each season.
  3. You can unlock different areas of the map as you progress in the game which also keeps the game more interesting.
  4. As you increase your level in the varies skills, you unlock different things you can craft which in turn allow you to make different secondary items or products like battery packs, pickles, juice, jam, wine, mayo, oil, cheese, etc. How do you want to skill up your character? What do you want to focus on? I pushed foraging hard in the game I am currently playing so I could get the lightning rod recipe, then switched to mining focus.
  5. You can befriend the towns people and doing so is worth it for two reasons. One, as you get to know them better they send you gifts and give you recipes. Two, if you befriend certain single ones well enough you can marry them – which means they help out on the farm – and even have or adopt children. Yes I said adopt, this game allows same sex marriages!


  1. Pretty tough learning curve. The game doesn’t really explain much initially though it does teach you bits and pieces as you go along (through quests and especially if you read the books in the library as you find them…though they don’t do a good job initially at teaching you how to find them – hint hit worm like things moving in the soil with your hoe). I actually did a year on one game then decided to restart on another and it is progressing MUCH faster and better. This of course means that I time sunk a full year, which is probably something like 40 hours of game play. If that bothers you then either read information on how to play ahead of time or don’t buy this game.
  2. The most annoying part of this game is that you can only save at the end of day. You can sleep the game at anytime of course but if you want to switch games or users (yes I sometimes let Mr. Physics play I swear…) you will loose everything you have done up to when you went to bed.
  3. That being said that fact that it has a daily cycle makes it a great relaxing game to play when you have 30 minutes here or there where you want a break. In that sense this game is great. Though it does suck you in pretty hard and you want to keep playing the next day rather than putting the game down, it does create hard breaks more so than other games.
  4. In order to really interact with the villagers and progress their stories with you, you need to farm or forage materials and get gifts for them. This is not an Animal Crossing so don’t go into the game thinking you can ignore the “farming” materials part and just walk around talking to people all day. I mean you can focus on talking to each person everyday and they will like you more, but your farm won’t progress as fast.

Final verdict: ADDICTIVE! It is only $14.99 and so very worth it in my opinion but I don’t dislike “grinding” in video games especially if it rewards me. It doesn’t have very many reviews on Amazon, but that is probably because you need to buy the online version and most people, including me, do that through the Nintendo store.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the United States. Be thankful for friends, family, and so many other things even if you aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving. Let’s a go!

– Joan

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