Thursday Thirsts

Thursday Thirsts

When I originally set out to do this blog it was for my own enjoyment and to follow the goals I had set out originally in my about section. I have followed these goals somewhat but when the winter came around and produce was less and when life got busy I let the blog fall. This is NOT my goal. I started to think, “what is this blog missing for me” and “how can I post more”.

Then one Friday this summer there was another amazing Friday Finds posts from Steph and Mike at i am a food blog and I got to thinking, “this is what I need”. I need a forum that isn’t posting a recipe, gardening tip, or DIY post for those weeks that I am overwhelmed with other things and don’t have time to make a recipe or thing, or don’t travel somewhere fun I want to write about. Somewhere that I can chat about what has been happening or what I have been thinking about. Thursday Thirst is my new idea at this forum. It will have four sections:

  1. I need more posts about beer, for beer, around beer. Since moving to Colorado we have become very ingrained in the beer scene and enjoyed it a lot. I had always intended to do some posts about beer. I did one once on the Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines Festival but I nothing since then. Section: Drink. What is my favorite beer I had this week? What beers are coming out that I am looking foward to trying? This won’t always be beer. Sometimes it will be non alcoholic drinks, sometimes cocktail recipes, you know – we shall see how it evolves.
  2. I am no longer a renter. This is our space. I can paint, craft, decorate, destroy to my little hearts content. I have spent almost all of my free time the past month thinking about what to do with the space but then I thought, why not have a forum to share some of that thinking? Section: Inspiration. Of course this doesn’t have to be house inspiration. It can be food and garden and really whatever is inspiring me.
  3. For some of my blog posts in the past I have done a lot of research. I usually don’t include all that research in my posts because it would make them even more word heavy then they already are. This section will allow me to link to some of the research I have done for the blog as well as any other knowledgable material I have been reading. Section: Knowledge.
  4. Plus a section to things that don’t really fit in the others that are entertaining or amusing me at the moment or I look forward to them doing so. Section: Amusement.

Let’s start with this and see where it goes!

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Note 2: Some of these posts may contain alcoholic content. If you participate in any of that content or links you are acknowledging that you are old enough to drink in the country you reside.


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